WE are breeders of the South African Boerboel (South African Mastiff). Boerboels are not only known for their loyal , intelligent and protective nature but they are great companions, and with their stable and obedient temperament they make the ideal choice for a family dog. Our aim is to breed impressive looking Boerboels true to their nature with emphasis on temperament, robust stature (head, chest and muscle) and agility.
Our Boerboels are very much part of our family and they are well socialized due to the fact that they receive lots of love and attention from our family members (ranging from children to great grandparents ) on a regular basis.

Our Boerboels are bred and sold in adherence to the strict rules and standards of the SA Boerboel Breeders Association(SABBA). All our dogs (pups and grown dogs) are vaccinated, micro-chipped and dewormed regularly.
Our full grown breeding males and females have all undergone the relevant tests and evaluations required by SABBA standards. They are all Hip- and Elbow Scored with results that are more than acceptable to breeding standards .
We trust that by visiting our website ,whether you are a first time visitor or existing Boerboel enthusiast , your love and interest in this special breed will grow.